VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A women’s group is taking aim at pick-up artist companies using Vancouver shopping areas as places to teach their pupils how to meet ladies.
Women Against Violence Against Women has been putting up posters along Granville and Robson Streets telling these men to stop the harassing behavior.
The posters read “Dear PUA AKA predators: You are not entitled to women. PUA = Rape Culture and sexual harassment.”
Recent blog posts tell the story of women being approached by aggressive men trying to get their contact info for dates and ultimately more. Some women have complained they’ve been approached in the middle of the day by men trying to pick them up who get increasingly aggressive when they say no.
Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer with Women Against Violence Against Women says that’s why they’re calling out the group. “I don’t think that women are up for fair game for men to come after them and try to get a notch on their belt. These behaviors are really harassing. This is not about being friendly.”
Nick Savoy with Love Systems, a pick-up artist company, agrees menacing behavior shouldn’t be tolerated. “Not everybody is in the mood at any given moment. Not everybody is available at any given moment. It would be totally illogical to keep someone in that situation. We would want to pull him out, tell him what he did wrong if applicable and then get him going again.”
While Savoy says Love Systems doesn’t have any daytime Vancouver workshops, he says this less-than-professional behavior makes his whole industry look bad.
Vancouver Police say they haven’t had any reports from women being harassed in this way.